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Testimonials From Our Customers

Amazing candles! Long lasting candles that can fill your entire home. Subtle but refreshing smells! Best candle purchase I have ever made.

Cheselia D.

Regardless of the occasion, the candles from Avant-garde Home are my go to for gifts. I love the quality of the product and the scents are top notch. Avant-garde Home candles are an essential home decor item.

Tomara J.

I love these products. The packaging is simple and serves a dual purpose as stylish jars. The candles are long lasting and very aromatic. My favorite is Mental. Mental is very calming with a neutral fragrance that is soft with hints of masculinity. It's a great unisex candle. I love giving the "Mental" mini tin candle as gifts. They are perfect for any occasion.

Sydney B.

I have purchased several Home Perfume Oils from Avant-garde Home. my go to favs are Entice, Unpredictable & Elevation... All you need is a little & you can smell it from bottom to top. Shipping /customer service is very professional & fast! Definitely a lifetime buyer!

LaCrystal J.

I ordered the Bliss & Entice Home perfume oils for my home and after coming home from a stressful day these fragrances immediately change my mood to a calm soothing feel. I also love how when I have visitors come to my home and they say "Your home smells amazing" I recommend everyone try the candles or perfume oils definitely money well spent.

Barry T.

I have had the opportunity to purchase several Avant-garde Home products. I started with the luxury candle Unpredictable and was so pleased that I purchased two home perfume oils: Bliss and Delightful. I can honestly say only a few drops has done wonderful in my 3,000 square foot home. The scents and products are beyond amazing. Lifetime buyer for sure!

Quashanique M.

I absolutely love the long lasting scents of the candles and oils! Delightful is so inviting, while Mental is relaxing.
I keep Delightful burning in my living area and Mental in my bedroom to help relax at the end of the day. Can't wait to replenish!

Nedra P.

I love that the smell from the candles last long after you burn them. My favorite scent is "Elevation". After burning them, leaving and coming back home, I could still smell it. Very professional company and it came in within 3 days. I'll always purchase my "good" candles from Avant-garde. Thank you.

Trenisha H.

Mental is my all time favorite. It is perfect for relaxation!!! I receive so many compliments about how good Mental fragrance oil is. Avant-garde Home has many beautiful, long lasting, amazing scents for every occasion.

Teonna M.

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