Why Wooden Wicks?

When speaking about Avant-garde Home or when we have a pop up shop, one question always come up which is, “Why did you choose wooden wicks?”. Honestly, when I first started testing formulas and wicks for the Avant-garde Home candle line I had no knowledge of wooden wicks. Although there are a few wooden wick candle companies, I didn’t know they existed at the time and I had never purchased a wooden wicked candle.

I was testing out cotton wicks for the longest and I finally found one that worked along with a great wax + fragrance formula. However, I felt like Avant-garde Home candles needed something else to set it apart...to make it more unique and special. I wanted something different and while thinking of ways I could enhance the candle itself, I came across wooden wicks. Once I started researching wooden wicks I knew that I had to start from scratch with all of my testing because candle making is a science. You can’t just stick a wick in your wax and expect a great candle. A great candle takes time, work, and dedication!

So here are a few reasons as to why I made the decision to use wooden wicks for the Avant-garde Home candle line and why you should stock up on your favorite Avant-garde Home wood-wick candles!

  • Wooden wicks provide a soft crackling sound that’s reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace.
  • Wooden wicks produce a beautiful flat horizontal, flickering flame, which give a modern and uncommon quality to our Avant-garde Home candles.
  • Wooden wick release fragrance better and faster than cotton wicks.
  • Wooden wicks are more calming and they create more ambiance than cotton wicks
  • Wooden wicks burn more evenly and are less likely to mushroom like cotton wicks.

I could list so many more reasons as to why I chose wooden wicks for the Avant-garde Home candle line. There are so many perks, not only for me as a candle maker but for you, our loyal customers!

Cheers to wood-wicks, cozy nights, and perfect fragrance!

Myeshia B. – Founder & CEO

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